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Web Help Desk Accelerates SaaS Help Desk Solutions in Europe

LONDON, ENGLAND - Greasing the lightning from the SaaS data cloud, Web Help Desk, in conjunction with its exclusive EMEA partner UniPress Software Ltd, announced the addition of localised european-based hosting and support for its award winning SaaS help desk solution for organisations and institutions operating in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The availability of localised Web Help Desk SaaS hosting introduces millions of new customers to unprecidented speed, performance, and reliability from an industry leading SaaS service desk solution. Where is your SaaS solution's data cloud actually hosted?

"The ability for an organisation to weather today's economic climate will be greatly enhanced by its ability to provide exemplary real-time customer service, exceeding a customer's expectations and guaranteeing customer retention," said Terry Siddall, VP, Web Help Desk. "With the growth of broadband and faster computing, and the resource allocation and expenses associated with traditional on-premise licensing, there has been a paradigm shift towards the on-demand SaaS model within small to medium businesses, as well as a growing trend within enterprise organisations."

"However," Siddall continued, "organisations cannot afford even seconds of delay between their service desk staff and their SaaS providers. Speed, security and reliability from a SaaS provider is a must for this environment. The introduction of our european-hosted SaaS option bridges the gap between customer service, speed, security and reliability for the entire EMEA region."

The 'on-demand' Web Help Desk option allow customers to acquire their help desk software functionality on a pay-as-you-go basis, which eliminates the larger upfront costs and technical infrastructure investments associated with tradition on-premise licensing options.

Web Help Desk also offers a "try it before you buy it" trial period for its SaaS plans. When an organisation procures a Web Help Desk SaaS plan at the successful conclusion of its initial configuration and feasibility testing phases, the test environment may be converted into the organisation's live production environment with no loss of data or configuration.

The induction of the new european-based help desk SaaS option encompasses both the Web Help Desk Pro Edition and Lite Edition feature sets. Whether the need for a simple service request tracking solution within a tight budget or the need for a full ITIL inspired enterprise ITSM solution, the Web Help Desk SaaS options exemplify the ultimate in speed, performance, productivity, and value for your service desk...from any corner of the globe.

Features available within the Web Help Desk Lite Edition SaaS Plans include:

  • Web Portal - A full customer support web portal for endusers to submit service requests, view ticket updates, and seek self help or view auto-suggested solutions from the knowledge base.
  • Email-to-Ticket Conversion - Automatic email-to-ticket conversion ensures that service requests submitted via email do not fall through the cracks and breach SLA.
  • Service Request Prioritisation - Utilise intelligent business logic through a combination of location, skill-set, work schedule and work load balancing to determine which technician is assigned to a new request.
  • Ticket History and Audit Trails - Support staff may add notes (and hidden notes) to each ticket, from the web app or via email. Every update to a ticket is recorded by username and time date stamp.
  • Knowledge Base - The mentioned customer service Knowledge Base also allows article visibility to support staff only; building an extensible and searchable internal knowledge base.
  • LDAP and Active Directory Integration - Utilise your current LDAP or AD directory for login authentication and to schedule imports of customer data.
  • SLA Email Alerts and Reminders - Configure various Service Level Agreements for email alerts and reminders to be sent to support staff.
  • Graphical Performance Reports - Run a variety of help desk reports to increase productivity and create new efficiencies. Reports may be run real-time, exported to spreadsheets, or through automated email delivery.

Features available within the Web Help Desk Pro Edition SaaS Plans include all features within the Lite Edition, plus:

  • Asset Management - Manage both hardware and software assets, and the customers to whom they are assigned. Devise asset replacement plans through analysis of service requests, incidences, and problems linked directly with specific assets.
  • Third Party Integrations - Seamless asset discovery data and remote control session integrations include: Microsoft SCCM / SMS, Apple Remote Desktop, LANrev, JAMF Casper, and Windows Remote Desktop Connection.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys - Solicit invaluable feedback on your service desk performance through the automated deliver of surveys. A variety of different survey content may be automatically sent based on the type of service delivered.
  • Change Management and Approval Workflow - Automated and dynamic rules-based approval workflow to track and manage change request submissions and CAB approval voting.
  • Task Management - Execute internal project management or resolve multi-step service fulfillment through event based task work flow and schedule recurring tasks.
  • Billing and Invoicing - Track costs and bill fees for labour, materials and travel time, then generate instant PDF quotes or invoices.

About Web Help Desk

Founded in 1998, the Web Help Desk software suite is the leading cross-platform service desk management solution for help desk and customer support professionals who seek to simplify and control their increasingly complex service environments. The extensive feature set of the Web Help Desk software addresses critical IT and support areas, including: Incident and Problem Management, Asset and Desktop Management, Knowledge Management, and Approval Workflow.

About UniPress Software Ltd:

UniPress Software was established in 1988 as the distributor in the UK and Ireland of web-based service desk automation software targeting mid-market companies, departments within large enterprise organisations, and small businesses. Having over 10 years experience in the help desk and service desk marketplace, UniPress Software has become renowned for its excellent technical support and customer service levels.


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