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The Web Help Desk's Issue Tracking Software, Customer Support Software, and Help Desk Software solutions offer an industry leading feature set that allows you to dynamically route, track and resolve your technical support issues and customer service desk requests with ease. As a 100% web based solution, the Web Help Desk provides a low cost of ownership, ultimate portability and simple implementation. Because it's built with Java™, you can be sure it will run on your server platform of choice; Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or Unix.

Take it for a test drive and find out why IT managers throughout the world choose the Web Help Desk over more costly products.

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Absolute Manage Client Management Software

The only standard for IT asset management is that there is no standard. Most organisations support deployments that include a variety of devices including smartphones, netbooks, PCs and Macs with users who work from the office, home, on the road, and in transit. Let's face it - the standard has become whatever the user needs to perform their work efficiently and well.

If this is your reality, how do you manage it? For most IT administrators, this means towing the line between operating systems - flipping from one set of applications to another depending on the device, the desired action, and the user profile.

Absolute® Manage (formerly LANrev) can turn your existing pain into a set of simple, automated processes using technology that will allow you to manage PC or Mac devices from a single interface.

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