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Customer Support SLA Management

The Web Help Desk software allows your service desk to apply or automatically assign custom Service Level Agreements to each customer support request ticket. A trouble ticket with a specific SLA can automatically send email notifications to customer service personnel as reminders; or to the support agent's managers as escalation email alerts. As a support ticket approaches an SLA Management breach, color coded queues are provided, as well as custom reports can be easily created to report on any issues.

The following are a few SLA "triggers" that may be configured with the Web Help Desk software:

  • Ticket is not Assigned within a defined period of time (assuming automatic ticket assignment does not apply for the ticket)
  • Ticket has not been Updates within a defined period of time; relative to ticket creation date or scheduled due date
  • Ticket has not been Completed within a defined period of time; relative to ticket creation date or scheduled due date

Multi-Layers of SLA Alert Level notifications may be configured with the help desk software to alert the assigned customer support agent, his/her supervisor, and/or the support agent's group manager.

The flexibility of the Web Help Desk SLA Management Features will prevent any issue or request from ever falling through the cracks and allow your team to effectively stay on top of any tickets approaching the breach of a Service Level Agreement.

What if the delay is not my fault?

Specific Ticket Status Types may be configured so they do not count against SLA timeframes. If your help desk staff is awaiting an answer to a question or approval from a member outside of your department, this time may be defined as time that should NOT be counted against the specific Service Level Agreement for your customer service desk.

What tickets are falling through the cracks?

The Web Help Desk software provides your Customer Support Managers with Service Level Agreement and Performance Reporting in real-time, simply through your favorite web browser. Pie-charts, bar-graphs, and graphical metrics provide an At-a-Glance view into the performance of the entire Customer Support Team. Interactive reports allow Support Managers to click straight to the tickets in question!


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The server-side Web Help Desk application can be installed on virtually any operating system of your choice with a Perpetual Server License OR let our organisation serve the helpdesk software on our powerful servers, as an Hosted On-Demand Help Desk ASP Software as a Service (SaaS) plan. The choice is yours!

  • Pricing for the web based help desk software is solely based on the number of named Technician / Agent / Service Desk Operator logins.
  • The number of Clients / Endusers / Customers is alway unlimited.
  • The number of Assets / Nodes / Configuration Items is also unlimited with the Web Help Desk and has no bearing on price.

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