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Web Based Asset Inventory Management

Associating Problems and Incidences with actual hardware and software inventory is paramount to maintaining proper preventative incident management and finding the core problem to repetitive issue or problem that is plaguing a large group of endusers. The Web Help Desk approach to providing a hard link between an asset and an incident ticket will provide vast efficiencies towards keeping your organisation or customers calm, cool, and collected.

The Web Help Desk Incident Submission Web Portal provides a means for a customer to create this hard-link between a troubled asset and an issue ticket by automatically providing the enduser with a list of assets associated with the this specific trouble ticket submitter. Please see our Customer Support Web Portal webpage for more details.

Assign customers and endusers with specific individual assets or assign an asset to a group of individuals; such as a shared printer, or work station. Web Help Desk's Asset Management also provides the flexibility to associate assets with a specific Room, such as a computer lab. There is no need to associate every individual who might work in the computer lab with every asset in the room. The enduser submitting the request ticket can select the room that they are in, at which point, the list of assets in the room will appear for them to select the troubled asset.

The Asset Management functionality within the Web Help Desk software provides a centralised repository for all of your organisation's hardware and software inventory. Detailed information on each asset can be viewed in a snap; either directly through a reported trouble ticket or through Basic and Advanced Asset Searches, all through the convenience of your favorite web browser.

Asset may be cataloged and categorised by any customer Asset Types that you so choose; such as "Desktop", "Laptop", "Mobile Device", "Windows Software", "Mac Software", etc. All of which creates efficiency within your IT Service Desk Department. Asset Statuses, such as "New", "Assigned", "Checked In", "Checked Out", "Retired", "DOA", etc. may also be assigned to assets to provide extensible asset management functionality.

Our Asset Management web based software also allows for asset association with Vendor, Manufacturer and Model information; providing invaluable information directly from trouble ticket to the customer service operators resolving the support request.

Capturing and viewing the History and Audit Trail of an asset is virtually at your figure tips, detail complete, and automatically updated. Tech Support Staff can easily view every problem and incident ever reported on a specific asset. Web-based click-through links on this ticket history allows the staff member to view all details on historical trouble tickets for an asset. Other Audit Trails include the complete history of which endusers were assigned to the asset, any changes in fields such as the Asset Type, Asset Status or any other base field or custom field; throughout the entire life-cycle of the Asset.

The Web Help Desk Asset Manager software allows for e-mail notifications when Warranty Expirations, Lease Expirations, or even Service Contract Expirations are coming due!


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The server-side Web Help Desk application can be installed on virtually any operating system of your choice with a Perpetual Server License OR let our organisation serve the helpdesk software on our powerful servers, as an Hosted On-Demand Help Desk ASP Software as a Service (SaaS) plan. The choice is yours!

  • Pricing for the web based help desk software is solely based on the number of named Technician / Agent / Service Desk Operator logins.
  • The number of Clients / Endusers / Customers is alway unlimited.
  • The number of Assets / Nodes / Configuration Items is also unlimited with the Web Help Desk and has no bearing on price.

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