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Automated Ticket Routing and Assignment

Stop manually assigning help requests to the customer support personnel that you THINK is available and has the skills to address the help request ticket!

The Web Help Desk software uses intelligent business logic to determine which technical support operator is assigned to a new service request ticket. Using a combination of location, department, skill-set, work schedule and work load balancing, you always get the right agent on the job.

Group various locations and departments to allow the tracking of requests from separate entities within your organisation to be centrally managed. Jobs can also be assigned to a pool of operators, so your technicians can select jobs as they become available.

* View a Web Help Desk Ticket Assignment Logic Work Flow PDF.

Ticket Category and Technician Skill-Set

Web Help Desk analyses a new help request ticket Category, and all sub-categories, selected by the ticket submitter and cross references this category with the skill sets defined for individual support staff agents or group of agents to determine where to route this request based on type of request submitted to the help desk.

Locations, Departments, and Customers

As a customer submits a ticket to the service desk, Web Help Desk identifies the submitter's defined location, department, and customer organisation. Such enduser information can be populated in Web Help Desk by: (1) LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory synchronisation, (2) client import via TSV or CSV spreadsheet, (3) manual entry, or (4) "Create Account" option for endusers to create their own account. Now that Web Help Desk knows the submitter's location, department and/or customer organisation, the software knows which customer support personnel work with the matching criteria and routes accordingly.

Work Schedules and Time Zones

Not all support personnel work in the same time zone, nor do support personnel work the same work schedule or shifts. If your service desk department runs 24/7 and "follows the sun", with multiple personnel shifts throughout the world, Web Help Desk has you covered! Define support personnel's work schedules and even flag a technician as "out of office" when on vacation or sick. There is no need to assign a ticket to a support agent who is not working!

Work Load Balancing

If Web Help Desk is configured to assign a request ticket to an individual support agent within a specific group of personnel, our help desk software will execute work load balancing and automatically assign the request ticket to the operator with the least amount of open tickets.

All of the above ticket routing and assignment criteria will execute in tandem with one another to provide extremely robust automated service request assignment work flow based on your organisations business requirements.


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The server-side Web Help Desk application can be installed on virtually any operating system of your choice with a Perpetual Server License OR let our organisation serve the helpdesk software on our powerful servers, as an Hosted On-Demand Help Desk ASP Software as a Service (SaaS) plan. The choice is yours!

  • Pricing for the web based help desk software is solely based on the number of named Technician / Agent / Service Desk Operator logins.
  • The number of Clients / Endusers / Customers is alway unlimited.
  • The number of Assets / Nodes / Configuration Items is also unlimited with the Web Help Desk and has no bearing on price.

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