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Auto Convert Emails into Service Desk Tickets

No longer will there be a disconnect between service desk email requests and your ticket tracking. All support submissions need to be captured and centralised in order to execute efficient and effective customer service. The Web Help Desk automatically polls one or more email account inboxes on your current email application via IMAP or POP.

When a service request email is sent by a requester, the Web Help Desk software automatically converts the email into a trouble ticket or service work order. Any file attachments will automatically be attached to the problem ticket as well; making distribution of inbound requests simple and informative.

As mentioned, the Web Help Desk software automatically polls one or more email account inboxes on your current email application via IMAP or POP. Web Help Desk is not only a "help desk system". Web Help Desk is a "service request system". Your organisation may utilise the Web Help Desk across many of your existing departments. Simply create an inbound email address for each department to allow endusers to submit request emails to such departments as Facilities Maintenance, Human Resources (HR), Accounting, Sales, etc.

Each unique email address per department will be polled by the Web Help Desk, where each service request email will be converted into a unique, trackable request item with a complete searchable history that can be analyzed and incorporated into Performance and SLA Reporting.

Capture, Track, Resolve, and Audit trouble tickets, service requests, work orders, and issue submissions via email with easy, in one centralised solution!


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The server-side Web Help Desk application can be installed on virtually any operating system of your choice with a Perpetual Server License OR let our organisation serve the helpdesk software on our powerful servers, as an Hosted On-Demand Help Desk ASP Software as a Service (SaaS) plan. The choice is yours!

  • Pricing for the web based help desk software is solely based on the number of named Technician / Agent / Service Desk Operator logins.
  • The number of Clients / Endusers / Customers is alway unlimited.
  • The number of Assets / Nodes / Configuration Items is also unlimited with the Web Help Desk and has no bearing on price.

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