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Help Desk Software Feature List

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100% Web-Based Interface

The Web Help Desk features an intuitive, easy to use, graphical tabbed interface. Administrators, Technicians, and Clients need only a web browser to utilise the application. Remote access from any location is possible by anyone with an internet connection and a web browser, regardless of platform.

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Cross Platform Technology

The Web Help Desk offers installers for Mac OS X Server, Windows 2000 / NT / XP / 2003 / 2005 Server, Linux, and Solaris. Because its written in Java, the Web Help Desk runs on any server with Java 5 installed (included in Windows and Linux installers). From a client-side perspective, end-users need only a web browser to utilise the solution; no applets, Flash, or other plug-ins required.

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Database Back-end

With its integrated FrontBase server on Mac OS X and Windows, the Web Help Desk ensures that all your information is safely stored in a relational database providing a robust back-end to handle your growing needs. We also offer support for Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005, MySQL 5, PostgreSQL, Oracle 8i/9i and OpenBase.

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Help Request Prioritisation

The Web Help Desk software uses intelligent business logic to determine which technician is assigned to a new ticket. Using a combination of location, skill-set, work schedule and work load balancing, you always get the right tech for the job. Group various locations and departments to allow the tracking of requests from separate entities within your organisation to be centrally managed. Jobs can also be assigned to a Tech Group pool, so your technicians can select jobs as they become available.

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Client Request and Self Help

Clients have a simple interface to submit requests, view updates on previous requests, and self-serve with our FAQ Knowledge Base. The Help Request form dynamically updates as the end user defines what type of help request they are submitting. Custom fields, in the form of text boxes, popup menus, radio buttons or check boxes, are displayed dynamically based on the Problem Type chosen by the client end-user.

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E-Mail Based Submission and Updating

Help requests can be submitted via e-mail to one or more dedicated e-mail addresses. Help desk e-mail accounts are monitored by the application, with new messages used to automatically generate tickets (including attachments). Requests can be updated by e-mail to add notes, change status, attach files and reassign a Technician.

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Search Capabilities

Efficiently track your Clients, Tickets, Assets, Purchase Orders, and FAQs with Web Help Desks built-in search functionality. Save complex search queries to make finding relevant information easier and faster than ever.

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Asset Management

Manage both hardware and software and the clients they are assigned to; build parent/child relationships between assets to make tracking them a snap. Enter purchase order information for your assets and let Web Help Desk calculate warranty and lease end dates. Define asset types, status, locations, manufacturers and models for simple tracking.

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Apple Remote Desktop Integration

Web Help Desk provides seamless integration with Apple Remote Desktop, Apple's award-winning desktop management system for Mac OS X. The easy access to ARD information and instant remote control connectivity from within the Web Help Desk promises to boost technician productivity and raise the bar on customer satisfaction.

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Performance Reports

As the help desk administrator, your job depends on getting end-user requests handled in a timely manner. With Web Help Desk's robust graphic reporting tools, you will always know how your technicians are performing, which locations or customers are in need of extra assistance, real-time billing data, and what problem types are causing the most trouble.

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LDAP and Active Directory Synchronisation

Schedule automatic synchronisations to your Lightweight Directory or AD, then use the Web Help Desk to authenticate users and look up client contact info. With built-in connectivity for standard LDAP and Microsoft's Active Directory, the Web Help Desk seamlessly integrates into your companys IT infrastructure.

Knowledge Base FAQs Icon

FAQ Knowledge Base

Knowledge base functionality is built into Web Help Desk, facilitating the creation of an expansive, searchable database of common requests and their resolutions available for self-service by clients, technicians, and administrators. Attach one or more files to each FAQ to make knowledge sharing even more powerful.

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iCalendar Integration

Monitor your ticket due dates and scheduled work hours using Apples iCal on Mac OS X, Outlook 2007 or Mozilla.orgs Calendar application. Subscribe to calendars for a specific Technician, Tech Group, or a saved query for ultimate flexibility. Complete ticket information is available in each calendar entrys notes field.

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E-Mail Alerts

Web Help Desk keeps all of your technicians and clients up to date with e-mail alerts. All new tickets and ticket updates can be e-mailed to the appropriate recipients. Technicians and management can be alerted when jobs have been left unchecked, unassigned or incomplete for a specified time period.

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PDF Generation and Spreadsheet Exports

The web is an ideal cross platform method to deliver dynamic information, but for printing, it leaves much to be desired. Weve integrated real-time PDF generation into the Web Help Desk to make the printing and e-mailing of help request lists, performance reports and asset information a beautiful experience. All of these items may also be downloaded as tab delimited text files perfect for manipulating in your favorite spreadsheet application.

Billing and Invoicing Icon

Billing and Invoicing

Track labor and travel time, then generate instant PDF quotes or invoices. Invoices can be downloaded by designated Clients right from the web! Know your billing status in real-time with powerful reporting options, or download report results as Excel files for further manipulation.

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The Web Help Desk issue tracking software can be installed on your own server with a Perpetual Server Licence

  • Pricing for the web based help desk software is solely based on the number of named Technician / Agent / Service Desk Operator logins.
  • The number of Clients / Endusers / Customers is alway unlimited.
  • The number of Assets / Nodes / Configuration Items is also unlimited with the Web Help Desk and has no bearing on price.

Moreover, the entire Web Help Desk service management software solution always installs 100% Feature Complete. All customer support features and benefits mentioned herein are included in the pricing.

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