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Cross-Platform Trouble Ticket Software

Tracking Trouble Tickets of any type or category shouldn't be a constant battle.

Help Has Arrived!

Web Help Desk's Ticket Tracking Software allows your department to intuitively capture, automatically route & assign tracked issues, reassign tickets, schedule due dates & time periods to address tickets, and automatically send email notifications to the trouble ticket submitter at the intervals of your choice.

Web Help Desk’s Ticket Submission Portal allows your organisation to dynamically request the critical information from your submitters that your support team needs to resolve the ticket. Such critical information on the trouble ticket will increase employee satisfaction, end the battle for information mining, and reduce your department's service costs, time and efforts spent on resolving service tickets and requests.

The Web Help Desk Ticket Management Software allows your service desk to apply custom Service Level Agreements to each trouble ticket. An issue with a specific SLA can automatically send email notifications to issue management personnel as reminders or to their managers/superiors, for escalation email alerts. As an issue approaches an SLA Management breach, color coded queues are provided, as well as custom reports can be easily created to report on any trouble tickets.

Web Help Desk's powerful Trouble Ticket Software provides your organisation, whether small business or large enterprise, the tools needed to easily configure the ticketing software required to increase productivity and simplify ticket tracking, all from the luxury of only a web browser. The entire enduser experience within Web Help Desk is cross-platform, 100% web-based and leaves a zero footprint on any enduser's computer, whether it be a Windows PC or an Apple Macintosh!


Core Help Desk Benefits Include:

  • Cross-Platform, Web-based Trouble Ticket Software
  • Incident & Problem Management
  • Asset & Configuration Management
  • Change Management / Approval Work Flow
  • Two-Way E-Mail Correspondence
  • Knowledge-Base Management
  • LDAP / Active Directory Synchronisation
  • Client Survey Management
  • Reporting Included
  • Server Licensed or On-Demand ASP Hosted SaaS Options

Intuitive point-and-click configuration and easy-to-use customer service experiences within the Web Help Desk application allows your organisation to deploy help desk features and work flow that make the most sense for your service desk's daily management operations.

The Web Help Desk’s web based ticket management software allows your IT service desk to run more efficiently, effectively and at a lower cost of ownership; resulting in faster incident resolution, controlled costs and increased customer service satisfaction.


Streamline your small business or enterprise service desk with:

  • Email-to-Ticket Conversion - Emails sent to your Customer Service Inbox(es) will automatically convert the email to a service ticket by the Web Help Desk software ...including file attachments!
  • Customer Service Web Portal - Endusers can submit their requests via the customer service online web portal; an intuitive, easy-to-use web-based interface. Forms dynamically display required and optional custom fields based on the category chosen.
  • Automatically Route Requests - Dynamically route and assign support tickets to a specific technician / agent or group of technicians using your organisation's business logic.
  • SLA Management - Configure customer support Service Level Agreements to ensure that no request goes unattended. Create multi-layered SLA alerts, reminders and escalation notifications based on help desk ticket priorities.
  • Billing and Invoicing - Track labor time, parts costs and travel time, then generate instant PDF quotes or invoices. Invoices can be downloaded by designated Customers right from the web!
  • Self Service Knowledge Base - Facilitating the creation of an expansive, searchable self-service knowledge database of common customer support requests and their resolutions.
  • Performance & SLA Reporting - Generate online or PDF Performance Reports to identify your help desk's bottle-necks. Run SLA reports to ensure incident deadlines are met. Please view the Web Help Desk Reports Generation Tutorial PDF for more information.
  • Two-Way Email Correspondence Integration - Email correspondence and communication audit history recording is paramount to any service request system. Web Help Desk provides the following functionality and ultimate flexibility directly out of email! - Add Ticket Notes directly from email
    - Add Hidden Notes from email (Technician Option)
    - Change Ticket Status from email (Technician Option)
    - Email Client with Update? Yes No (Technician Option)
    - Reassign Ticket directly from email (Technician Option)
    - Add Time Spent on Ticket (Technician Option
  • More Web Help Desk Software Features

Install the Web Help Desk application on your server OR let us host your customer service software, as an On-Demand SaaS Hosted Help Desk Plan

Install the server-side customer service software on virtually any operating system of your choice OR let our organisation serve the support software on our powerful servers, as an hosted Help Desk ASP Software as a Service (SaaS) plan. The choice is yours!

Server Side Software installers include:

  • Apple Mac OS X Server
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Red Hat or Debian Linux
  • Sun Solaris

Non-Proprietary Databases supported include:

  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • OpenBase SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • FrontBase - An embedded FrontBase database is included for Mac OS X and Windows installations for instance functionality.

Client Side Help Desk Software is not needed:

  • Apple Mac Safari
  • Windows Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Camino

Although the Web Help Desk solution is designed to scale across multiple servers (app server and database server), only one server is necessary to begin the "out-of-the-box" deployment. As your organisation's customer support management needs expand, you can add multiple instances and layers.

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The server-side Web Help Desk application can be installed on virtually any operating system of your choice with a Perpetual Server License OR let our organisation serve the helpdesk software on our powerful servers, as an Hosted On-Demand Help Desk ASP Software as a Service (SaaS) plan. The choice is yours!

* Contact a knowledgeable Web Help Desk Representative.


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